How to clean the house in a matter of minutes


Still trying to do the maximum amount of work in the minimum period of time? Well we all dream of that, especially if the work is not at all pleasant. Or, especially if the time we have available is not at all what we would have hoped for. There are so many occasions when we wished that we has an extra set of hands, or even little helpers, just like Santa. Of course, I am talking about those times when you have virtually no time and need to miraculously clean up the house.

Most of the times we do this when we know that we have people coming over, but we either leave everything for the last minute or we simply did not have time to deal with all the cleaning up. We have already given you a few tips and tricks that hopefully made your job a lot easier. Well, we also hope you’ll find these next few tricks as helpful.

When it comes to cleaning things up in a timely matter, speed is essential. Another very important thing is that you definitely need to learn how to multitask. This is actually essential if you need to move fast. So our advice here would be to let cleaning products do their job. Before starting to do anything else, like picking things up and putting them where they belong, go in the bathroom, spray whatever cleaning product you have available on the tub or on the shower cabin, even on the sink and toilet and let them do their job for a few minutes.

In the meantime, you can go do the same thing in the kitchen with the stove and sink and even with the countertops. Now that all those cleaning products are doing their job, you can start doing yours. Tidy up the living room (remember the laundry basket trick) and the lobby and when you’re done there, you can return to the bathroom, give everything a rinse. This is actually amazing because it spares you of having to scrub and rub the dirt away. You just need to rinse the sink and bathtub, flush the toilet and you are done. Another thing you can do in order to make things easier is something I like to call “cleaning while asleep”.

This usually applies to the toilet bowl and it basically means that you just need to pour some cleaning product in the toilet and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you just need to flush and you’ll have a clean toilet with no effort at all.

And there you have it, just a few extra tips that will help you out in those times of need. They will help you save time and be more effective so that you can enjoy quality time with your guests and family.