Month: November 2018

Think green is the next step

With recent developments in technology, there has been a tendency in society to part out and one could identify to pro modernism and those having a more conservatives view. However, it’s quite complex to identify who is right or wrong and yet, extremists exist in both cases.

We can rapidly spot in our entourage, the friend who will go for everything that could ever be connected, smart’ified (even fridges, washing machines and oven) or the last tactile product. On the contrary there are also those always militating for conservation of an old tree, go for bio food, or are fans of junk-shop of garage sales. They can’t stand resource wastage in any form.

In this battle, where can we stand?

Well, we cannot walk away from innovation, development and progress. Humans have a need to evolve and feel secure with his environment. Humans need to feel secure also about their choices. This Is why an equilibrium of both nature and microchips should be reached and that ain’t so complex!

Here are some tips that could prevent us from reaching the extreme vision of a future paved by microchips everywhere and that would limit access to real nature through paintings or rare museums or either going back to dark ages = being eco-concerned, thinking green

Invest in solar panels! Yes, this is not easily accessible and rather costly but it has been proven that one can turn out profitable after 5 years only. If perceived as a lifetime investment, 5 years is ridiculous! Such investment will allow you enjoy your A/C, charge your tablet and smartphone and power your household equipment’s!

Plant even on a micro-scale as simple and small as an empty can is all you need to start planning your little farm. No need to have a big …